Week 8, Wednesday, Mark 9:2-13

 Mark Devotionals

by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

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[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


It was an audio-visual treat, in real time, in real life – way before TV, 3-D, virtual reality had ever thrilled human imaginations. So you can’t blame Peter for what he said after the three disciples saw Moses and Elijah, and experienced Jesus being transformed right before their eyes to show a hint of what he really is in heaven. “…Let us put up three shelters/tents…” He wanted to immortalize the place and experience, and do it by memorializing Jesus along with Moses and Elijah. He got two things wrong which happens in our day too. First, we cannot keep holding on to one past divine place and experience; Jesus is constantly “on the move” and doing something new. Secondly, Jesus is not on the same level as good (and even great) people like Moses and Elijah. He is holy (which means distinct, special, set apart, different, to anything and everything else of creation). And we must relate to him not as an equal, but as Savior God.


Prayer: Lord, I love that hymn “what a friend we have in Jesus”, but I forget that I and no one else can really come close to you. Not even the best of us. It is because of your grace that you draw close to us; you give us access to your glorious Presence. Forgive me when I unconsciously put you “in a box” so that I can make you accessible and understandable the way I feel comfortable. Help me understand that the wonder of your love and majesty is that you are constantly moving onward and forward in this world. And even though you are the King of kings, you still love talking to, and using the likes of Moses, Elijah…and me. Amen.

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