Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep is a mission started in 2012 to address food insecurity issues in Bucks County. Since inception we have delivered over 30 tons of food to local food pantries to benefit hungry people in our community. Our volunteers routinely collect and deliver food which otherwise would have been thrown away. We continue to be grateful for DUMC’s overwhelming response and support of this worthwhile mission.
There is still much to be done and we ask for your help as we continue to do God’s work in our community:
Consider donating 2 to 3 hours of your time monthly as a Feed My Sheep volunteer! There are many ways in which you could contribute to this worthwhile mission:
Pickup and delivery of food from Panera, Starbucks, Wawa and the Lucky Cupcake–all it takes is 2 hours a month!
Help our volunteer coordinators run special activities through the year like ‘Stop Hunger Now’, ‘Yes We Can’, ‘Harvest Home Sunday’, the ‘Synergy Project, etc. Volunteers interested in supporting Feed My Sheep become part of a coordinated team effort that balances the work across multiple volunteers.
Pray for those in need in our community and for our volunteers who pick up and deliver food each week. Bring food donations with you to church each week so that we can continue to provide local pantries with plentiful food stores.
If you have interest in volunteering please contact Lisa Pitts at L_Pitts@hotmail.com (267) 261-6683 to discuss how you can take a stand against hunger in Bucks County.