Week 2, Saturday, Galatians

by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Galatians 2:9-10

“…they recognized the grace that was given to me” (v.9). Paul relates how those original/senior disciples
recognized the way God’s unprecedented, unconditional, undeserved love (=grace) had worked in Paul’s
life changing him, calling him, empowering him. And that was the main reason whatever differences
they may have had faded into nothing. Maybe that’s what we should do ourselves: “recognize the grace
that was given to ____ (put the name/names of those who so differ from us in calling and practice).”
Maybe that will help us accept and minister with those we don’t fully understand – just recognizing the
same grace that worked in us working in them. That and our common responsibility to the poor (v.10).
What are some ways that you can “recognize the grace that is given” to people that are very different
from yourself? How does “recognizing this grace” grow your appreciation and understanding of a God of
love that meets each of us in our own unique point of need?


Thank you loving Lord Jesus for your grace given to me. You met me at my point of need even
though I did not deserve it. You saved me, changed me, and then called me to be your servant. Even
though I did not consider myself worthy or competent, you empowered me through your Holy Spirit. It
has been your grace – first to last – that has lifted me up from where I was before to where you are now.
Forgive me for not recognizing your working in similarly unique ways in the lives of others around me.
May I accept them even as you accept me – only because of your grace. Amen.
Song: Your Grace Still Amazes Me (Phillips, Craig & Dean)

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