Mark Daily Devotionals-Week 1, Tuesday: Mark 1:2-8

Bible Passage

(Please read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.)


At least 500 years after it was prophesied (in Isaiah 40:3) John the Baptist burst on the Judean landscape wearing clothes marked by their extreme simplicity (and even discomfort), eating a diet which was so strange and meager, even survival training offered more! But the point was that he came – as was prophesied – literally as a “sign-post.” He lived his life according to the purpose God had for him (500+ years in the making), with a message that was simple: “Who I am, what I do, what I say all point away from me to Someone else. I am no comparison to Him, and nothing I do even comes close to what He does/will do.” I wonder, in this self-promoting culture, do our lifestyles, our deeds, our words, point to Jesus?


Prayer: Lord, forgive me for not seeing myself as a sign-post that needs to point to you. Sometimes I don’t realize that sign-posts need to be simple, to simply be directional “→”. May my life (in the choices for myself, my clothes, my food, my plans, my deeds), and my words, all point a confused world to you, Jesus. Thank you for reminding me that even though the Message (=Good News=Jesus) is supremely important, the messenger (that’s me!) is important as well. Amen.

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