Week 1, Friday, Mark 1:14-20

Bible Passage

[Please read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


There is a note of urgency at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry – “The time has come…” He wastes no time in calling his first disciples. Strange choice, though. They were…fishermen? Sure, they were working men and some even doing well – how else can you explain having “hired men”? But how knowledgeable would simple fishermen be about God, His Kingdom, and calling others to be disciples as well? Yet Jesus calls them to follow Him. And the amazing thing is that they did! They just left everything to follow this man they knew little about, for a purpose that was rather puzzling – “to fish for people.” That’s obedience! And what followed changed their own destiny and that of the world.


Prayer: Lord, I wonder if I’ve got things backward. The world has taught me to first know, and then do. So I wait to grow in my knowledge of you in order to do what I think you want me to do. But you really want me to be obedient first, even if I don’t understand everything. And then you will show me more of yourself; I then grow in my knowledge of you because my relationship with you grows AS I FOLLOW you. I want to be your disciple Jesus. Let my song be, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back!” Amen.


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