Week 8, Thursday, Mark 9:14-29

 Mark Devotionals

by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Go to Mark 9:14-29

[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


As the 3 disciples and Jesus come down from the mountain after that fantastic spiritual experience of seeing and hearing God’s Presence, they are immediately confronted by the evil that was waiting for them in the valley. A boy tormented by evil and his father needed God’s grace to change their oppressive situation. It is always good to have “mountain-top” spiritual experiences where we feel or hear or see God in a thrilling way – maybe at a community meeting like worship or a conference, or maybe in private while studying Scripture and praying. But God doesn’t expect or want us to stay there. He expects us to descend to the “valley” where there is pain, suffering, and evil. He wants us to understand that however great our own personal spiritual experiences, there are people who struggle with the manifestations of evil, and He will place us among them to be a blessing to them! Because that’s the way Jesus can grow in us, and shine through us. Jesus touched the boy in the valley with God’s love and healing. What about us?


Prayer: God Almighty, I just love to be in your Presence and experience you – far from hustle, bustle and worries of the world. Thank you for meeting my need and giving me your grace that fills me with your love and peace. But I know I need to come down from my spiritual “mountain”. There is a valley full of pain and suffering, much like I had before I met you (or when I ignored you). Lord, work through me to bring your grace to the boy or girl or father or mother that yearns for your touch and experience your love as well. Amen.

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