Week 8, Friday, Mark 9:20-27

 Mark Devotionals

by, Rev. Sunil Balasundaram


Go to Mark 9:20-27

[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


Let’s spend a little more time in yesterday’s “valley” event, focusing on the afflicted boy’s father and Jesus. The boy’s affliction which often threatened to be fatal obviously spanned many years, years that would make any parent’s heart to despair. And then came news of hope – a healer in town! So the father begs Jesus to heal his son…if he can. In the subsequent exchange we learn a few things about belief. Firstly belief in God begins with the conviction that the outcome is completely dependent on God. Second is the question of whether I trust that this God cares enough and is capable of doing it. Third, do I know this God and personally want him to do it. Fourth, whatever the outcome, do I really want my experience of this loving God to grow because of/through it? The father’s answer (“I believe; help my unbelief!”) is less about any doubts or lack of faith he had; it is more about a yearning to grow in the knowledge and trust of the One who can change even the most dire situation. Jesus always answers that yearning – it’s a good one to have!


Prayer: I believe; help my unbelief! That’s a prayer I pray often Lord. I don’t doubt you exist; I believe that you have the power to move mountains. And yet I resist asking; what if it’s the wrong thing? I’m afraid to expect anything; what if I’m disappointed? Oh, how I want to know you in a way that takes away all resistance and fear! I want to know you as a much-loved child that deeply trusts his/her loving parent. Help me to experience that love both in receiving what I ask for and when I am denied, trusting that it’s for my own sake. Draw me close to you Lord, even when I falter. Because if I fall, I’d rather fall into your arms. Amen.

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