Week 6, Tuesday, Mark 6:30-44

 Mark Devotions

by, Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Go to Mark 6:14-29

[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


Jesus feeding the 5000+ is the only miracle that is in all four Gospels. But did you notice that he chose to use someone’s meal as the raw material for his miracle? He could have spoken a word, and materialized food out of nothing, but he didn’t. He could have turned stones into bread (after all, Satan did give that suggestion to Jesus when he was hungry in the wilderness), yet he didn’t do that as well. Instead he chose to take the little food of a little boy (John 6:9) that was willingly offered to him, multiply it, and feed the crowd with that. It’s a reminder that God doesn’t expect us to wait to become something big in order to touch others’ lives through us. Jesus wants us to willingly offer what little we are and have to him. We willingly supply the “ordinary”; God adds His “extra”. The result is a miracle – extra ordinary.


Prayer: Lord Jesus I often times feel so inadequate, so small, so useless. Then you remind me that it is not who I am, but whose I am that makes all the difference. Lord, I offer myself to you, with all my inadequacies. I know that I may not be all that much, but I open my life to you. Come in and fill me. Excite me with the knowledge and faith that “little becomes much when we put it in the Master’s hand.” I praise you that you still specialize in miracles. Make me your miracle for someone else today. Amen.

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