Week 6, Thursday, Mark 7:1-13

 Mark Devotions

by, Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Go to Mark 7:1-13

[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


There is nothing wrong about religious symbols, rituals and traditions of themselves. However what Jesus found offensive was that those that deemed themselves religious had made them an “end” (or goal) of religion. Instead they were to be, at best, a means to a deeper experience of a relationship with God after you had begun one with Him. It is easy to deceive oneself into thinking that by “going through the motions” of doing religious activity that we can satisfy God, and our own consciences. Because this kind of activity cannot really change the heart and one’s attitudes towards another person. One who is greedy and selfish will in fact use religion to avoid their responsibility to even their own family! True devotion happens from the heart. Only a Christ-changed heart can worship God and willingly show God’s love, beginning with their own family.


Prayer: Forgive me Lord, when I’ve used you (or your church) as an excuse to not give of myself to my family. But also forgive me for using them (my family) as an excuse for not giving you my best. I satisfy myself by doing “good” things and religious activity for you – giving just enough of my time, my energy, my possessions, my abilities – believing that’s my way of being devoted to you, being obedient to you. But you are really not interested in all of that, are you Lord? Thank you that when you showed your love to me you actually gave your all. Remind me that true love and devotion, whether it is for you or my family, is when I give my best, my all, willingly, from the heart. I want to love you, my Jesus, as you first loved me. Amen.


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