Week 4, Saturday, Mark 4:26-34

 Mark Devotions

by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram


Go to Mark 4:26-34

[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]

Reminder: There will be NO daily devotion tomorrow, Sunday. Hopefully most of you will be in a House of Worship listening to God yourselves. Go prepared with open hearts, though!


Jesus then tells 2 parables on the nature of spiritual growth. Both of them are pictures of God’s grace (His undeserved, unconditional and powerful love) at work. They are to reassure and encourage the follower of Christ in their walk with Him. Both remind the hearer that all spiritual growth begins with God – it is always His initiative; all we do is respond in surrender and obedience. Then, with Him in control (after all, He is “King”), the first result is that He will grow us, His way: His methods, even His time (and that usually is unique to each of our relationships with Him). The second is that slowly, but surely that growth in us will affect those who need Him in some form of the other, just like the mustard plant becomes a source of refuge to birds, among other things. So, be encouraged; when God’s in charge of your life, you will grow in ways unimaginable!


Prayer: I am so grateful, Lord, that when you are in charge of my life, I don’t need to bother about the way I grow, and how much. I know you know me; you know my resistance to your working and are patient with me. You know what fears I have, and so you build me up with courage. I give my life to you afresh, my Lord: be my King. And grow me the way that brings you pleasure, and draws me closer to you. Amen


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