Week 3, Tuesday, James 3:1-12


by, Pastor Sunil Balasundaram


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(Please read the passage before, or after, reading the devotion.)


We live in an age where what we say – words – don’t matter much. And that is unfortunate, because in Jesus’ and James’ “Kingdom world”, that is blatantly (and hellishly) false! Why? Two reasons – words reveal first the standard (and character) of God, and second the heart of humans. James has already written about God’s “word of truth”, which has the power to change us (1:18). And the New Testament again and again talks about “truth” as central to the gospel and its place in Christian behavior. As to the second, didn’t Jesus say “the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them” (Matthew 15:18)? James uses multiple examples of horses, ships, forest fires, taming of wild creatures, and underground springs to prove his point. The use of words reflect the “maturity and completeness” of the Christ-follower (cf. 1:4; 3:2, where “perfect” is to be understood as “complete”), and so be care-full in what you say!



Lord, I did not realize that my words reveal not just the power of your “word of Truth,” but also the extent that “word of Truth” has changed my heart, my life. Forgive me when my words have given a false witness of You, who I say I follow. Forgive me for condoning (and even making excuses) when others have spoken against the truth, and thereby spoken against You. Please grow me by teaching me to use my words as you used them Jesus, making each word count for You. Maybe then I’ll come to understand that whether I know it or not, I become a teacher as well. Amen.

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