Week 2, Wednesday, Galatians

by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Galatians 2:1-2


Bible Passage

Christ does give each of his followers a distinctive calling (purpose). But we must remember that he gives it to us within the larger context of the church – the family of God – that we belong to. In God’s scheme of things each has a relevance to the other: the personal to the corporate (church family), and vice versa. What God is doing in/through our personal lives is related to (though not dictated by) what he is doing in/through the church, and the reverse is true as well. That is the reason why Paul goes to Jerusalem along with his companions to share his unique calling that he received from God which was to share the gospel with non-Jews, however radical might seem to their ears!

How does your own God-given purpose relate to what God is doing in/through your church (faith-family)? How does what God want to do in/through your church relate to what he is doing in your personal life?



Forgive me Lord when I am so individualistic sometimes in my relationship with you. I sometimes don’t take the trouble to discover how what you want to do in my life can actually bring your change to my larger faith family as well. And I am sometimes insensitive to your working through my church that can also bring clarity to my own personal life and purpose. I’m all eyes and ears Lord! Help me sensitive to both. I humble myself to see, to hear, to grow. Amen.

Song: Humble Yourself (Maranatha Singers)

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