Week 2, Tuesday, James 1:22-25


by, Pastor Sunil Balasundaram


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(Please read the passage before, or after, reading the devotion.)


Verse 21 ends with “Word…which can save you.” In other words, God’s Word can make you whole…complete. [The Greek word translated as “save” and “salvation” also means “healed,” “made whole.”] So it would be logical that God’s Word in us makes us whole when we obey it; so that is what we would naturally do. But apparently not. There are some that look, listen seriously into God’s Word – and then do nothing with what it speaks about in their lives. The analogy drawn about the person and the mirror is funny – absurd even – and yet true for many. Much like the person who hears but ignores Jesus’ words in his analogy about the one who built his house on the sand; which collapsed in the wind and rain (cf. Matthew 7:24-27). Be hearers and doers. James is simply repeating what Jesus said. Listen intently, then put God’s revelation into practice. The result always changes the doer!


Prayer: Forgive me Lord, I wasn’t listening. You first warned me to talk less and listen more. Now you challenge me to not just listen, but do something about what I hear. And keep doing it! You assure me that contrary to what it seems, my obedience does not imprison me, it will actually free me. Not only will I be doing your will, that’s how you transform me, you make me whole. That’s how I experience the fullness of who you are – your blessing. Help me to be a listener. But not just stop there – help me to be a doer of the Word too. Amen.

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