Week 2, Monday, Mark 1:29-34


by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram


Go to Mark 1:29-34

[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


Now we know that Peter was married. And he was a responsible son-in-law, after all he had his mother-in-law living with them! He must have loved her too because how else would Jesus have learned that she was ill “with a fever” in order for him to go to Peter’s home and heal her after a worship service? The passage tells us of how Jesus never “prioritized” healing on the basis of their seriousness. Every medical problem and malady was as important to him. Jesus did not go looking for people to heal, but everyone that came to him received a gift of grace (God’s undeserved love). Does He still give that “gift of grace” to everyone that comes to Him? Yes! I do not completely understand why everyone that comes asking is not healed. There are many who are, but there are many aren’t. But that has never stopped me from asking.


Prayer: Great and loving God, my heart aches for those who need your power of healing in their lives and some of them do not receive it as they have asked. I know you love us, Lord Jesus; the Cross will always remind me of that. So please help my un-understanding (and maybe lack of belief) in the times you act in ways that are different to mine. I love you Lord Jesus; keep me trusting in your love and in your power. I will keep asking, even if it seems like I sound like a child who wants his way with a loving Father. You do what you have to, because that’s what you are (a loving Father), and this is who I am (your child). Amen.


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