Week 2, Monday, Galatians


Galatians 1:16-20

Bible Passage

Our natural reaction when something suddenly happens to us to turn our entire world upside down is to go to someone trustworthy, someone who will understand our unbelievable situation. So it would have been logical for Paul to go immediately after his exciting, dramatic Acts 9 conversion and meet with the disciples – Peter, John and the others. Yet he did not, and instead went to Arabia, into a wilderness. We don’t know how long he was there except that it was three years before he finally went to Jerusalem to meet with the disciples. (While Luke doesn’t mention this, this is what could have happened between Acts 9:25 and Acts 9:26.) Sometimes when God works in such a significant manner in our lives we too need to turn away from our natural inclination of consulting people, and spend time alone with him for the Spirit to minister to us.

How do you naturally react when God has worked in a significant way in your life? When is the last time that after something tumultuous happening in your life you have gone alone to spend time with God? What were its results?


Prayer: Thank you Lord for the many times that you have worked in significant ways in my life. As I remember those times I realize that I may have excitedly told others about them, and even thanked and worshiped you for them. But I may have lost the opportunity of discovering their deeper significance you had for me in them because I didn’t stick around long enough with you for you to tell me. And now they are lost in time. Or are they Lord? Can you please remind me of those special times and their true significance that I may have missed? Maybe when I remember I will (re)discover my calling. Thank you my Savior. Amen.

Song: Remember (Lauren Daigle)

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