Week 2, Friday, Mark 2:13-17

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[Please do read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]

Jesus calls yet another unlikely candidate to follow him as a disciple! While walking along he calls Levi (also called Matthew, and a Jew) who is doing his work as a tax collector. Jewish tax collectors were hated by their fellow (self-respecting) Jews because they were thought of as betrayers, doing a despised job for the enemy – the Romans. Matthew obeys, leaves his job, and begins his new life as a Jesus-follower by throwing a party with other (hated) tax collectors and Jewish law breakers as invitees, and Jesus as the chief guest. When the respected religious folks found fault with Jesus’ associations, Jesus made clear his intention – his coming to earth as a human was to identify with all those lonely, excluded, despised, overlooked, broken, “needy” folk. Who do you think you are? Someone who is satisfied with their religion? Or someone who is “needy”?

Prayer: Lord, do you really care for how lonely I am, how broken and needy I am inside of me? I put on a face that shows “I’m okay”, but so often I’m far from okay. But your Word reassures me that you not only want to associate with me, you even call me to be your follower. I don’t feel worthy, Lord. But since it is you calling, I will follow. Just keep reminding me that it is not because of anything to do with me that you want me follow, it is only because you love me! Amen.

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