Week 2, Friday, Galatians

by Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Galatians 2:6-8


Bible Passage

Surprise! God shows no favoritism – in his choice of people that he calls to serve him, in his choice of recipients of his message and love, in his choice of who he wishes to empower with his Holy Spirit. We must never put “God in a box” as to who he wants to reach/touch with his love, and who he will empower to make that happen. The original disciples realized this with God’s choosing of Paul to be his messenger to the non-Jews.

When were you surprised by the way God worked – his method and choice of instrument? How did that change your understanding of him? How has God led you to serve him along with people that you may not have been comfortable with (at least at first)?


Prayer: Lord help me to be faithful to what you have called me to do, and not be critical of others you have called that do things differently. Teach me learn from them the wonderful and different ways that you have worked in their lives and thereby grow in my understanding of you. And them. I realize that it is only when you empower us that we can be effective at all. I want with all my heart to be productive for your Kingdom Lord Jesus, even if it means setting aside my own prejudices and biases for your sake. Amen.

Song: Little is Much (Jehovah Shalom Acapella)

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