Week 14, Tuesday, Mark 15:16-20

Mark Devotionals


Go to Mark 15:16-20

[Please read and meditate on the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


The secular world finally had its hands on Jesus. Or so they thought. The Roman soldiers, a representation of the military, and political powers that line up against God mocked Jesus, insulted him, showed their vengeful anger at him. They acted violently to cause physical pain to him – and yet again, there is no retaliation on his part. What did Jesus do to any of those soldiers? How had he angered them so? Indeed, where does all our anger stem from? Why are we vicious to those who have done nothing against us personally? Is it because we think that their poverty, or seemingly disastrous choices, or obvious need has in some way (directly or indirectly) affected our “well-being” or comfort? If we look really closely, and we are honest with ourselves, we may see our own faces among those soldiers…


Prayer: I am so quick to judge, O Lord. I condemn those that are obviously in violent conflict with you and your Kingdom, forgetting that there are times when I too am among those in conflict, even if it is less violent. I want to see you through eyes that can really see. Maybe then I will see you in the poor, wretched, neglected, misunderstood, abused, discriminated against. Maybe then I will see my anger against them and judging them for the circumstances they are in is really anger against you. Forgive me, Lord. Change my heart, O Lord; soften it. Give me a heart of flesh that feels your pain that leads us to yearn for (your way of) deliverance from evil. Amen.

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