Week 14, Saturday, Mark 15:42-47

 Mark Devotionals

by, Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Go to Mark 15:42-47

[Please read and meditate on the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


Jesus did have rich, religious and influential friends (some were secret followers as well). Two of them are mentioned at his burial – Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus (John 19:38-40). Where were they at the Trial? Were they afraid to speak up on behalf of Jesus? Or were they “shouted down” if they did speak up? The reality of both exists even today. However, what they did after Jesus’ death showed who they decided to finally identify with. Because asking Pilate for Jesus’ body, then preparing it, followed by actually burying him in the family burial plot was an open statement that they believed and belonged to this “Kingdom” that Jesus preached. Even though they hadn’t yet experienced Easter! Which tells me that it’s never too late (as long as we have breath in us) to come out as a follower of Christ, even if circumstances or our previous actions tempt us to think the opposite. That’s grace at work in us!


Prayer: Thank you gracious God for the hope you give me, that it’s never too late to live and show myself as your follower. When I look back at my life I know that there were times that I was either too afraid or ignorant or indifferent – and kept silent, when I should have/could have made the difference for you, Lord Jesus. And yet you don’t hold that against me, because you know my weaknesses, and frailty. But I don’t want to remain a “secret” and ineffective disciple any more. Fill me with your Spirit’s power and courage that I might be a witness for you, to your transforming grace; for your glory alone. Amen.

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