Week 11, Wednesday, Mark 12:1-12

 Mark Devotionals

by, Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

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[Please read and meditate on the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


Jesus’ parable is pretty straight-forward. The man clearly owned the vineyard. He also did most of the work – put a wall around it to presumably protect it against animals, dug the wine-press pit, built the watchtower. All that was needed were farmers to actually grow the crop – or grapes. And so the man leased out the land, with the only payment being some of the fruit (I’m sure it was a pre-arranged, mutually agreed upon share). Yet you see how strangely the tenant farmers behave with the man’s servants; they even go to the point of killing the owner’s son to take ownership of the land. Why? It’s easy to exclude oneself and explain away that Jesus was speaking only about the Jewish people. But as I look at the larger picture I see myself as one of the tenants as well. As part of a world that is not comfortable with this radical Jesus and his Kingdom methods, have I not also kept from Him what truly belongs to Him? Have I not also turned a deaf ear to His Voice (through His Word and servants) because it interfered with my own plans? Do I not reject His sacrifice every time I reject His mercy and forgiveness from working in me and through me?


Prayer: My loving Lord Jesus; how many times have I grieved you when I became so much more engrossed in the gifts rather than the Giver. You love me so much and therefore you give me every good gift. Oh yes, Lord, I know and acknowledge they come from you. I may even thank you for them. But I find it so hard to give some of them back to you. I become obsessed with my gifts – my family, my job, my possessions, my abilities – and I want to hold on to them. Help me understand that by denying you a share of those gifts (which you gave me in the first place), I am actually denying you parts in my life, and rejecting you as Lord. Forgive me, Jesus; I want to love you as Abraham did, who was willing to give back to you the Isaac You gave him. Amen.

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