Week 11, Monday, Mark 11:12-14, 20-25

 Mark Devotionals

by, Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

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[Please read and meditate on the passages before (or after) reading the devotion.]


The fig tree was in full leaf, which promised at least some fruit on it – even if they were to be unripe, under-developed figs. But a hungry Jesus found absolutely no trace of figs on the tree. And so he “judges” the tree, that it would never have another opportunity to bear fruit and meet a person’s hunger again. Is this a Jesus that we never knew? Actually this is the same Lord of love, yet reminding the disciple/believer of a dire responsibility that is a part of love. Jesus didn’t just come to save us from sin and hell, so that we will go to heaven. He wants to come into our lives, transform us from being dry, thorny bushes to being fruit-full trees that feed the hungry. Two of these fruits are faith (that believes that God can feed the driest soul) and forgiveness (that cancels others’ wrongs against oneself just as God cancelled our wrongs against Him) that are not meant for the tree (disciple) itself, but are meant to be given away to those that need it the most. Every opportunity for not allowing God’s fruit to show in us is an opportunity missed. And one day there will be no more opportunities.


Prayer: Gracious and loving God, this is a hard saying. It even frightens me a bit. But that’s not what you intend, do you, Lord? You want me to be reassured that you will always love me, but it’s a love that I need to be consciously and intentionally receiving into my life by allowing it to work in me – because You are that Love. Your Word reminds me repeatedly that when I allow you to work in me, you will bear fruit in and through me. It’s as natural as a fig tree that at the appropriate time brings forth figs. Lord, forgive me when I don’t allow you full control of my life. Maybe those are the times fruit does not show. So my prayer is: More of you, less of me. Amen.

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