Week 1, Wednesday, James 1:5-8



by Pastor Sunil Balasundaram
(Please read the passage before, or after, reading the devotion.)

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Ever heard of “growing pains”? It’s true because growing can be painful, even (and especially) if that growing is to make you “mature and complete” as a Christ-follower and child of God. We will need more than our own resources for that growth; we’ll need God’s wisdom to negotiate all that the evil one, the world (the culture around us), and our own (often foolish selfish) human inclinations throws at us. We will need to see things as God sees them, and then respond as He would have us, with insight and faith. And that to me is what Godly wisdom is all about. And James says that all we need to do is ask God for that wisdom. He will “give generously to all,” with no strings attached. That is a promise to claim!

God of all wisdom and comfort, so often I feel the pain of my suffering doesn’t allow me to see you clearly. Sometimes I feel you don’t even care. I forget that you cared so much that you bore the cross for my sake. At such times I rely more on my own understanding and strength rather than yours. And even when I do ask you for your wisdom I am unwilling to listen to your answer because it is different to what I want and expect. Forgive me for thinking I know better. Forgive me for not believing that you really love me, and that you will grow me and my faith through the suffering. I surrender my fears, doubts, and suffering to you O Lord. I will trust you with single-hearted devotion. Amen.

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