Week 1, Saturday, Mark 1:21-28

Bible Passage

[Please read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]


Note: There will be NO daily devotion tomorrow, Sunday. Hopefully most of you will be in a House of Worship listening to God yourselves. Go prepared with open hearts, though!


The Gospels record that Jesus never missed the opportunity to be in a House of Worship every Sabbath. And whenever asked he always taught, but always with a depth of understanding and humility that reflected his intimacy with the Father. But this time one of his hearers was a man tormented with evil. And Jesus immediately heals him. Whether or not you believe in evil spirits, you better believe that there are some whose lives are seduced and ruled by evil. They are not to be feared or despised, but instead we should have compassion on such people. Know that only a loving and powerful God can and wants to free them, and can give them a heart that responds to Him. But He wants to use you and me in this! Oh, by the way, did you notice where this event took place? A House of Worship! A reminder that we must be vigilant everywhere for the Evil one. We only need to be cautious, because he is already a defeated enemy!


Prayer: Thank you Lord for the assurance that evil cannot stand against you. But teach me to be faithful in my worship of you so that my strength is purely based on YOU! Yes, Lord, I am willing to stand in your strength, and as you did, against evil in whatever disguise it shows itself. Only give the eyes to recognize it, the courage to face it, and the faith to overcome it in your Name. Amen.


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