Week 1, Monday, Galatians

By Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Monday, Galatians 1:1


Bible Passage

It is often argued that Paul was that twelfth apostle that replaced Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus and then committed suicide. Paul himself says that his calling and commissioning came directly from Jesus and God the Father. He is referring of course to his “Damascus Road” experience in Acts 9. He also makes two other points about his calling and commissioning: there were no human intermediaries involved; and he was called by no less than the Resurrected One.

Why did Paul introduce himself so? How important is it that we know that we are specifically called and commissioned by God? What part do other humans play in that calling (after all Ananias did play a part cf. Acts 9:15-17)? How does the Resurrection effect what your purpose?


Prayer: Thank you Almighty God for making me “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalm 139:14). You know me from the inside out; you know my strengths, but you know (more than even I) my weaknesses and failings. And yet you sent your Son Jesus to die for me; that I may be made new through believing in his death and resurrection for my sake. And even more than that you have chosen me to be a daughter, a son. And if that was not enough you called me, entrusted me with your gospel of grace to be shared with others, that same grace that saved me, made me your child, and called me to be a “sent one” myself. May I never minimize what you have given me O generous, loving God. Amen.

Song: “Abide” (Aaron Williams. One of my favorites that I sing every day)

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