Week 1, Friday, Galatians

By Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Friday, Galatians 1:13-15


Bible Passage

It is interesting that some things we once thought of as proud achievements become occasions of embarrassment and even regret later on. For Paul it was his religious zeal in Judaism that translated into violence against the infant Christian church (he would have more to say about that in Philippians 3:4-6). What changed? Those past deeds did/could not. It was Paul who changed; v.15 has two words that made the world of difference: “But God…” Whatever else your past may be, when God steps in, it makes all the difference from that point on!

Are there things in your past that you were once proud of, but now see in a completely new (not so positive) light? What changed your thinking? How has your “But God…” experience been?


Prayer: All-knowing, all-seeing God: you know everything from my past. As I remember my past I see times when I thought I was following you, I was sincere and even zealous. I now realize that those times I once was so proud about were actually self-serving – I was pleasing myself, not you. I am especially saddened now when I think of how I pleased myself at the expense of others – not realizing the pain caused to people that I love, and many I did not know. But I am so very grateful that you stepped in and changed all of that. Thank you for making the difference of what I was before and who I am now. Amen

Song: “Changed” (Jordan Feliz, a fun video)

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