Support Groups

Caregivers’ Coffee

Many of us are caregivers for someone besides our children. Some of us have become the parents to our parents, or perhaps our spouses require more care than previously due to deteriorating physical or mental health. The Caregivers’ Coffee gathering is a chance for you to come and relax, and talk with people who understand your situation. We have no set agenda — we share information, helpful tips, laughter and sometimes tears. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1 pm.

Congregational Care Team

DUMC is strengthening its ministry to all members and friends of the church by establishing a Congregational Care Team. These team members will provide prayer, care, and follow-up for situations and concerns that are communicated on the blue prayer cards.
If you would like to become involved in this ministry, please speak with Debbie Schultheiss. Training is provided, and beginning-level computer literacy is necessary.


The DivorceCare support group was created for people who are experiencing separation, divorce, or the end of a long-term relationship.
During the 13 week semester the group explores topics such as loneliness, depression, finances, forgiveness, and moving forward. It is an incredibly helpful program which lets people know that they are not alone in this difficult time. If you or a friend are dealing with divorce, please look into the DivorceCare group. It offers hope and healing at a time when life seems darkest.
This group is coordinated by Debbie Schultheiss, The facilitators are Jill Kahlenberg and Arthur Schultheiss.


This support group helps those who are mourning the death of a loved one. Becky Van Dine facilitates this 13 week, video-based program. Participants have found it extremely comforting, and helpful in moving through grief, toward healing.
Contact Becky to learn more or to join the group or 215-813-7436

Family Members of those in LGBT Community

If you have a family member who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), you are invited to attend a support group that is starting at DUMC. Confidentiality will be stressed. We will meet in Room 10 which has its own separate entrance from the side parking lot near the playground. Come for any or all of the meetings.
Our meetings will be on the second Thursday every other month. All meetings will start at 7:00 pm in Room 10.Contact Kathy Milberger with any questions:267-253-1001

Prayer Cards

The Congregational Care Team meets weekly to prayerfully address the concerns and joys submitted by the church the previous week. You can find the blue prayer cards at different spots around the church, not just in the sanctuary. Please feel free to take some cards home with you, to complete in advance or to use as you need them. Drop them off in Debbie Schultheiss’ office anytime, and they will be processed by the team at the regular Monday morning prayer meetings, if not before.
If you need more space for your concerns, please feel free to submit more than one card, or to write on the back. The most important thing is to get your message across—we’re not terribly concerned with what it looks like.


Doylestown United Methodist Church maintains a prayer ministry through the Congregational Care Team. Prayer requests may be submitted at any time via the blue prayer cards, which are located in the pew racks as well as different locations around the church. When a request for prayer is sent to Debbie Schultheiss and the Congregational Care Team they provide prayer support, visitation and long-term follow-up. If you would like to be a part of the prayer ministry, please contact Debbie Schultheiss or the church office at 215-348-5224 or


Autism/Asperger’s Support Group
Spectrum Support Group has proved to be an invaluable asset for caregivers of those with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Spectrum will be making some changes!! The group will no longer meet monthly, but will continue to provide resources, community support, information about events and programs via e-mail. The Spectrum Speaker Program will also continue to provide speakers several times per year regarding topics related to autism. To add your name to the Spectrum e-mail list please send your request to

Transportation Ministry

Doylestown United Methodist Church has a bus for its Transportation Ministry. The vehicle holds 12 passengers and has space for 2 more in wheelchairs. It is equipped with a hydraulic lift for wheelchair passengers so that mobility limitations need not keep people from attending church. The Sunday morning bus run offers round trip service to passengers for all three services, and individuals interested in being picked up should contact our bus driver Emil Gombosi at or 215-794-5706, and on Sunday his telephone number is 267-221-1967. The bus makes regular stops each Sunday at Center Square, and Wesley Enhanced Living. All are welcome to hop on board, no reservations required.
Please feel free to invite friends from other churches and the community.
All are welcome!