Selah Announcement

During this Lenten Season, we invite you to join us and:
Pause to Catch your Breath
Think about God’s Grace
Ponder where God is leading you
Give with Glad and Grateful Hearts

Keep watch for multiple SELAH moment opportunities provided by our worship team and the Kingdom Growth Committee to cultivate a culture of generosity and abundance within our DUMC family.  
The word “Selah” appears frequently in the Psalms.  Many agree it is a reminder to pause and reflect.  These reminders will come in many forms – podcasts, emails, social media posts, during worship.  God’s deepest desire is a relationship with you.  Reflect in these moments, how he is calling you to help grow His Kingdom.
Dear Heavenly Father, please bless our congregation during this Lenten Season with the ability to seek out moments to pause and listen for where you are leading us.  We strive to be generous and to remember all that we have is on loan from you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.