Pause Think Reflect Cross

Selah is indicated 71 times in the book of Psalms. It indicates a moment to pause and reflect on what you have read.


God’s world has been in a tailspin of crisis in recent months. No doubt, you have also experienced personal crises that leave you feeling breathless. 
In the midst of the crisis, where have you experienced Selah?

When have you experienced God’s presence and breathed in God’s peace?

Our connection through The United Methodist Church continues to offer Selah moments in times of crisis. Providing agricultural support, ministries of peace with justice, community building and medical care, gifts from local churches hold and care for God’s people around the world.


As you pause, think and reflect on the ways God’s grace is at work in your life.
How are you moved to share your own Selah moment?
Ponder what God is calling you to do to be in ministry with those in crisis. Consider how to offer your gifts with a generous heart in response to God’s grace in your life.



For a printable worksheet, click the link below:
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