holy week worship


Holy Week Worship


palm/passion Sunday

I Am the (True) Vine

march 24

 9:00 / 10:10 / 11:11 AM

Holy Thursday

march 28, 7:00 pm

Holy Thursday: A Drama of the Last Supper with Communion

Written by Russ Durbin; Directed by Kitt Finch


Good Friday

march 29, 7:00 pm

Messiah in the Passover
Good Friday Service with Communion
*Passover Seder Representation presented by Chosen People Ministries



march 31


I Am the Resurrection & the Life

7:30 am Morning celebration in the Outdoor Sanctuary (weather permitting)

9:00 am Uplifting Worship with Sounds of Faith in the Sanctuary

10:10 am Liturgical Worship in the Sanctuary
11:11 am Word & Worship with Power of Grace in Worship & Youth Center