Week 1, Wednesday, Mark 1:9-11

Bible Passage

[Please read the passage before (or after) reading the devotion.]

Mark introduces Jesus quite suddenly simply as “from Nazarene.” We know from other sources that he was about 30, having lived an “ordinary” life as a carpenter (or mason, some feel). But now here he is, at Jordan waiting for his relative John the Baptist to baptize him. Baptism was a symbol, a mark, of one’s turning away from an old, anti-God way of life to identify as one of God’s redeemed* family. But Jesus didn’t need that; he hadn’t lived an antigod life. But yet he wanted to be identified with a creation that God was redeeming – ultimately being the price of redemption* himself. It is only then that the Father confirms Jesus’ own identity and purpose, through the giving of His Holy Spirit, and words of encouragement. Even Jesus needed the Spirit, and to hear how much he was valued!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, I know where you came from, and who you are – the Son of God. Yet I often forget that when you walked this earth, you were like any one of us – fully human. You too needed to be obedient, needed to want what your Father wanted, needed the Holy Spirit, needed to know how much you are loved, that the Father had a purpose for you. O God, may your living Word reassure all of that to me as well – how much you love me, that you have a unique purpose for me. Because I really want what you want, Father; I need your Presence in my life even as I follow you…Amen.


* “redeem” (redemption, etc.) is when a relative buys you out of debt/slavery, when you yourself can do nothing about that debt/slavery. And God sees Himself as that relative!


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