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We offer 3 different services both in person and live streamed. Links to live streamed services are available on our homepage and below. Recordings are available after their initial airing and those links are available below, throughout the series.

Sundays, 9:00 am


Contemporary Worship features worship music provided by Sounds of Faith, along with scripture, and a message from one of our Pastors.

Sundays, 10:10 am


Liturgical Worship features favorite traditional hymns, prayers and a sermon from one of our Pastors. 

Sundays, 11:11 am

Word & Worship


Word & Worship features worship music provided by Power of Grace, along with scripture, reflection and a message from one of our Pastors. 

9:00 am

The Wesley Class Adult Bible Study

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October Worship


Stewardship – a “church-y” word that causes many churchgoers (and others) to tune out. Some think that stewardship is only about money and giving it to the church. Stewardship is really about management more than ownership – it is how you manage your life, your opportunities, your relationships, your talents/skills, your resources, your intelligence, and every area of your life. Money is just a small portion of your stewardship. This month, we will be looking in-depth at stewardship by talking about the misconceptions that are often associated with it, how the early church viewed and lived it out, how God is our cosigner who entrusts his resources to us to manage, and how time and talents are treasures to be used in our stewardship to further God’s Kingdom. We will see bad biblical examples of stewardship, as well as good ones.

In this series, we will be changing the way we talk about, understand, and live out stewardship!


October 2

Communion Sunday

Preventing Privilege from Becoming a Burden

Contemporary @ 9 AM

Liturgical @ 10:10 AM

Word & Worship @ 11:11 AM