Week 1, Wednesday, Galatians

By Rev. Sunil Balasundaram

Galatians 1:6-9

Bible Passage

It is easy to listen to and be swayed by someone who is persuasive and convincing, especially if they came with a semblance of religiosity. The danger is that we could lose out on the truth of the original because the “clever facsimile” (cf. 1 John 5:21) seems such a practical substitute even if it is deceiving. The Galatian Christians had turned from the simplicity of a personal relationship with Jesus based on grace and faith to “another gospel” which had traded “personal relationship” with “legal (ritualistic) requirement.” After all, isn’t ritual more tangible and practical than grace and faith?

How simple is your relationship with Jesus – is it based purely on what he has done for you? Or do you feel more comfortable adding some tangible things you can/are doing for him (because they are “required”)?



Forgive me Lord when I forget that the only way I can relate with you is trusting in your love and depending on what you have already done for me on the Cross. I am sometimes confused by all the voices around me that persuade me into believing that there is more to your “good news” than your sacrifice on the Cross for me. I want to come back to you Lord Jesus, to stop striving to win your approval and experience your pure love once again. Amen.

Song: “You Love Me Anyway” (Sidewalk Prophets)

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